Saudi Arabia’s Image Continues to be tainted after a BodyGuard is killed

As the world marks the 1st anniversary of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, the image of Saudi Arabia continues to be tainted. This is after Maj. Gen. Abdulaziz al-Faghm, a personal bodyguard assigned to Saudi King Salman was shot dead. The man who was referred to as the ‘Keeper of Kings’ was killed over the weekend. 

The Killing

According to the news on the ground, Al-Faghm had an altercation with Mamdouh bin Meshaal bin Ali, a longtime friend who is said to have gotten angry and ultimately pulling the trigger. This happened when the two were visiting another friend in the port city of Jeddah. Al-Ali is said to have gotten angry to a point that he went for the gun, killed the bodyguard, and injured a Filipino worker and the owner of the house they were visiting. Al-Faghm was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Killing of the Assailant

Mahmoud al-Ali did not survive to at least explain his actions. The nature of the argument was not revealed as well and although investigations are ongoing, he will not be there to answer the charges. Police responded to the altercation and rushed to save the situation. They were met with gunshots as Bin Ali refused to surrender and instead opted to shoot at the police. He wounded five police officers but he was killed. 

Saudis Mourn the General

Saudis did not hesitate to mourn Al-Faghm using social media and other channels. His burial took place on Sunday in Mecca. People with black-and-white photos of the general could be seen on social media while others recited poetry for him. The photos were of him with the king. 

Long Service

The slain general has served the kingdom for 15 years serving both the Late King Abdulla and King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud and this probably the reason he was known as the keeper of kings. Initially, he was part of entourage but he was later promoted to be a personal bodyguard. This made him appear in many photos of the King whether he was within the country or abroad. 

The investigations are still ongoing to find out why the assailant decided to kill and injure others. The man who was referred to as the ‘Keeper of Kings’ or ‘the kings’ walking stick’ was mourned all over Twitter by Saudis including some news agencies. 

The Houthi Militants Claim Responsibility for The Drone Attack That Injured 9

In the last two months, there have been more than three attacks in Abha International Airport that is located in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. According to the latest news is that these are terror attacks conducted by Houthi militia who are shifting their attacks on civilians. In the latest attack which happened on Tuesday, nine people are said to have been injured and include one Indian National and eight Saudis. 

Houthi Claimed Responsibility

The Houthi militia that has been targeting civilians and raising tension in the country claimed responsibility for the recent drone attack. The targeting of the airport is something that is easily raising tensions especially to international travelers and airlines which is something that will jeopardize the operations of the airport and the economy of the country at large. 

Attacks on Airports

As the Houthi’s continue to attack innocent civilians, they are shifting focus to mass civilian attacks. They declared drone and missile attacks on warplanes at this particular airport. Prior to the attack on Tuesday, it had targeted the arrivals hall of the Abha International Airport whereby 26 people were injured during the mid-June attack on the airport. This prompted the Saudi ruling coalition to issue a stern warning to the militants. In another attack the same month, 21 civilians were reported to have been injured while one Syrian was killed.

Iran Involved in the Attacks

Turki al-Malki, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition stated that the Iranian regime is a major supporter of the Houthi militants. Iran is involved as it has been supplying weapons to the Houthi militants and especially in Yemen. The conflict that has been going on for years has seen thousands of people killed while others are displaced and economy jeopardized.

The United States Condemn the Attack

Speaking about the recent attack, the United States issued a statement condemning the attack since besides helping the militants attack innocent civilians, it recently shot a drone in international waters. The statement also said that Donald Trump’s government will support Saudi Arabia in all efforts to protect its international borders calling for an immediate end to the rising attacks.

The Houthi rebels have caused numerous damage and deaths since it started its attacks. Back in the year 2014, it forced the then President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi –led government out of power. This is after it took over important areas of the country including the capital city.

A Greek-Era Ancient Tomb Discovered in Egypt with Mummified Animals and Two Bodies

A group of grave robbers led to an odd discovery in the ancient town of Akhmim. They discovered a grave that is said to date back 2,000 years ago during the Ptolemaic era. The grave believed to be that of TuTu and T-Cheret Isis (his wife) is said to have consisted of mummified animals and other items. It is interesting that everything in that tomb including the bodies and the walls is in perfect condition considering that it has been ages.

What was found in the Tomb?

Besides the two bodies of the noble, there are several other things that were discovered in the tomb. About 50 mummified animals that included mice; falcons, cats, ibex, eagles were found in the tomb as they surrounded the two bodies. Other items that are being examined by archeologists after the discovery include funeral procession detailed paintings.

Robbers Trying to Dig

Due to the archeological importance of these areas, robbers try to dig up the graves to take what they can make money from. The final resting places of nobles are known to hold various valuable items. Thanks to these robbers that this discovery was made. If this did not happen, maybe this treasure could have never been discovered.

Inside the Tomb

This is not your usual tomb. It is unique in all aspects as it consists of underground rooms that are in good condition despite it being there for centuries. While getting into the tomb, once can see Tutu receiving the god Anubis which is then received by his wife. Right in front of the god Osiris, there is a trial scene. Besides these decorations, other things that make the tomb remarkable are the bright colors inside and the engravings.

The inscriptions in the interior of the grave is what helped in identifying who the grave is for. Their names and those of their parents are inscribed on the walls. There is also a winged sun disk.

This weird discovery is the seventh one to be discovered in the last few months in the area and there could be more. This has made Sohag a very rich city historically. Currently, archeologists are looking into the items found according to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. This is a unique and thrilling discovery for archeologists and scientists at large and is a big milestone in their research.

Why it is appropriate to educate children to read

When we grow up reading books from an early age, we become adult dreamers with the desire to transmit the same passion to their children. The theme of reading to children is always a topic on the agenda, especially among the great supporters of reading. Reading fairy tales to their children, it is not so much an act of education as an intimate ritual between parents and children, which most often ends up falling asleep together.

Thus arrives that magical moment at the end of the day, when sitting on a chair next to the small bed with the soft light, the children fantasize about the words read by the adults. A ritual to which one would like to never give an end but that if nothing else, guides the children to become self-conscious and independent readers. And if you think this is something of little importance,

Reading with your children helps to develop an intimate and indissoluble relationship destined to last over time. The very fact of sitting down nestled to your children with a book creates an experience of love that your children will remember forever

Reading stories to children helps them develop the pre-linguistic skills necessary for them to learn to read later in life. From an early age, in fact, they learn by emulating your gestures to bring the mark on a page, how to hold a book, in which direction to turn a page and also in which direction to read. In English, for example, it is from left to right, but in other languages ​​it is different.

Experts say children need to hear between 3,000 and 5,000 words before starting school. Reading to your children exposes them to a variety of different words. Words that may not be heard in everyday conversation.

Reading fairy tales or fairy tales to your children can be a quiet routine before going to sleep. In fact, all the children go through phases in which they struggle to be able to fall asleep. Reading a book, or even more, before going to bed can be a way to relax and prepare it for sleep.

The Rise of Obesity Cases Are Surprisingly on the Rise

Across the globe, some of the kids and adults are struggling with obesity. Once associated with wealth, this is an epidemic that is rising at worrying levels. It has become a major concern not only to those affected but also to the World Health Organization.

What is Obesity?

To some, an obese person is one who seems to have more weight than they should be having. Accumulating more fats in the body is dangerous and is also termed as obesity. On the other hand, having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 is considered as obesity. BMI is when the height, sex, and body weight are considered. A healthy BMI should be from 18.5 to 24.9.

Why is Obesity on the Rise?

In every day, there is a number of calories that our bodies burn. If your body takes in more than it consumes, it is highly likely that you will become overweight. Your body will have more fats than it requires.

Eating foods that are poor in nutrients especially carbonated drinks and junk foods as well as having low physical activities contribute greatly to obesity in the modern world. It is recommended that people embrace healthy foods and exercise their bodies on a daily basis.

What Are the Effects of Obesity?

Obesity can have extensive health issues on your body and this is the reason it should be controlled. It causes type 2 diabetes, it enhances blood pressure, can lead to heart diseases, respiratory disorders, joint, and bone damage as well as leakage of intestinal secretions into your esophagus. Once one has obesity, they become vulnerable to serious illnesses.

Ways that you Can Avoid Obesity

As the numbers of obese people in the world remain high, it’s not a challenge to maintain a healthy weight. There are several ways that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Increase your physical activities and even have a workout routine
  • Improve your eating habits by embracing healthy eating. Foods should include fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
  • Avoid junk foods by all means

Improving eating habits is a great way to avoid obesity in kids and adults. Even when tempted to snack on junk foods avoid it and instead opt for healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. Avoiding processed foods and working out will help you fight obesity. As a parent who wants to protect their kids from this condition, feed them healthy meals as soon as they start eating.

Migrants Treatment is Not Improving on the Italy-French Border

As migrants try to make a better life, every day they are trying to cross over to Europe. Some have died while at sea but those who make it to the other side, they are not always welcome. In the recent past, there have been complaints of French police mishandling migrants crossing from Italy to the country.

Due to the fact that it’s becoming hard to get into France, most of the migrants are staying in Ventimiglia.

With the hope of leaving the Italian asylum system, unaccompanied minors have attempted their luck in France which has been met with a lot of hostility from the French police. This has significantly reduced the number of those traveling through Ventimiglia.

Harsh Living Conditions

Migrants living in the Italian-French border are subjected to harsh living conditions where they are not only verbally abused, but they are detained, they don’t sleep well, they have only one meal per day and bath in a nearby river. They are neither getting enough support from the Italian authorities nor the French relying only on volunteers.

Unaccompanied Minors Are Also Mistreated

One would be forgiven to think that the French authorities will give a little consideration to the unaccompanied minors seeking asylum in the country. Besides being denied this right, they are sent back to Italy and detained without basic needs. This is not only wrong, but it is a human rights violation.

In the latest news, the French police have gone a notch higher in dealing with the unaccompanied minors crossing over to the country. They recently confiscated mobile phones and sim cards owned by these children while at the same time cutting off the soles of their shoes and sending them back to Italy.

They are also interfering with the birth date on documents so that these kids are treated as adults.

There is no hope that the situation will improve owing to the fact that Emmanuel Macron, French president vowed that illegal routes through Europe will be cracked down. A law was also passed that illegal entry to France will give a migrant one-year imprisonment.

On the other hand, Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister vowed that his country will not be the refugee camp of Europe and with this, half a million migrants would be deported. This means that things will only get thicker for migrants looking for a better life in the two countries.

Interesting News on Baby Tracker Apps

Before going out to buy a baby tracking app, you must read about baby tracking app reviews for you to get an in-depth idea about the application and what it has for you.

What is baby tracking app?

This is a medical based app that will assist in all situations of the kid’s health.  Some of its work includes tracking on bottle feeds, time to change diapers, breasting feeding time, the sleeping pattern of your kid with all growing trends.  In case your kid is not feeling well, the app will notify you through your phone. This is a good app for all new parents, who may be forgetful about giving medicine to their kids.

The last and the important fact concerning this app is to look at the growth conditions of your kid and notify you of it. The good thing about this app is that you will get daily articles about child raising tips from their current partner Baby 411™. This way, you will get all the tips and answers you need to many of your questions about parenting.

Features of Baby Tracker App

As mentioned early, this app many features that are good for new parents. Below are some of them.

Photo uploading ability

Baby Tracker App is unique in its own way. In fact, it is the only app which is used and can note the most amazing baby body postures and take a photo. After that, it will upload this photo to you.  That way, you will know in case your kid is okay or unwell.

CDC baby development checking

Baby glow app is responsible for checking off highlights of the baby development life cycle. It is designed in such a way that, it follows the standards authorized by the famous CDC.

Ability to communicate with other new mothers

With this app, you possess that ability to connect with other mothers and chat about any conditions of your kid. In case your babe is sick and you need help, you can talk with different parents and get a homemade solution before taking the kid to the hospital.


Access to Baby 411™

The best thing about this app is you will get every day articles on different parenting tips. For instance, you will get some articles on how to feed your kid and different foods need at each milestone.

Ability to support two babies at once

If you happen to have twins, this app monitors them all and gives you updates about them at any time of the day as you like. This gives you an advantage if you are running a daycare unit where you have few babies in it.

It has Apple CareKit

This is a kit that helps you in troubleshooting your app if it has any problems.

In addition to the above features, this Baby Tracker App has many essential tools that come with it. Each tool has its advantages and reasons why it is integrated into the app.  Below are some tools that you will find in the app.


This is used to notify you on the right time to feed and change the diapers of your child. This timer is easy to control all the activities using special notifications.

Baby condition summary PDF

The summary contains all events that were done by the sweetheart for the whole week. By the use of this tool, you can track the amount of food eaten by your child and even the other time you can see your doctors.


The good thing about this app is that you have different payments which range from monthly, yearly and the lifetime usage. The entire amount you pay is subtracted from your iTunes account.

If you are falling asleep after getting stressed, this is the reason why

Stress and sleep are two very closely related things. The general idea is that people lose sleep as a result of being stressed. We have all heard of ample cases of stress-induced insomnia. We have also witnessed people with anxiety and depression having difficulty sleeping.

However, if you’ve been experiencing the reverse response, it may confuse or even scare you. Why are you responding incorrectly to your mind? What is happening to you?

Read this article and you will find the solution that you are looking for.

Firstly, there is no right or wrong response to stress. Everybody reacts differently.

Stress is something that affects the mind. Our mind is unlike our body. It responds in more than one way when it is stimulated. So stop giving yourself a hard time about what you are experiencing. It is perfectly fine that you are responding to stress with sleep.

Worrying will only add on to your level of stress and make life harder.

Sleep is usually inhibited by stress. This is our fight or flight mechanism.

When we are stressed our body believes that we are in danger. As a result, it activates our fight or flight response. This is also called acute stress response. This causes hormonal and chemical changes to take place within our body. These changes enable us to stay alert and defend ourselves against danger. Our hearts start pumping out more blood and our metabolism becomes faster.

When you have high-stress levels for extended time periods, this response doesn’t shut down. As a result, your body refuses to relax – leading to difficulty in sleeping.

Sleep is vital for good health. What exactly happens when we sleep?

Sleep ensures that our body has the time to heal and rejuvenate itself. Muscles relax, blood supply to vital organs increase and energy is restored. However, a little-known fact is that sleep is also the time when our emotional memories are processed. Our mind selects the most important experiences of our day and makes them permanent memories in our mind.

Most of the time, stress is caused by an overload of emotional experiences.

This means that the mind needs additional time to process them. If you suddenly feel a high amount of stress, your body may demand to process them immediately. This has been studied by several scientists throughout the years.

Therefore, if you feel sleepy right after getting stressed, it simply means that your mind needs some processing time. The best way to overcome this is to not let stress pile up. Instead, to take a few seconds to process any negative feelings you have and to resolve them as soon as possible.

Process your thoughts one by one. Don’t let them pile up.

Stress and anxiety can induce more stress and anxiety. Taking quick action is always the key to dealing with these troubling emotions. Deep breathing, meditation, and exercise are proven ways to help process thoughts better and to reduce stress. This way, you can live a healthy and wholesome life.


5 Benefits of Home Security Systems You Probably Didn’t Know

If you haven’t installed a home security system, you should definitely start thinking about it. Sure your home might feel secure with the latest locking devices you had installed by your qualified locksmith last fall but security systems provide just that bit more protection. Even thought home alarm systems are not cheap by any means, they are worth every penny.

But don’t focus too much on the money, but rather the safety and well being of your family. And besides, security systems aren’t just about protecting your home from theft, fire or vandalism – there are other benefits too. Check them out below:

Monitor Activities in the House Remotely

It’s incredible how technology keeps making lives easier and more efficient. The modern home security systems have moved a notch higher to offer better security. Home owners can keep an eye on their house remotely via laptop or mobile phones.

The system also allows you to arm or disarm the alarm, switch lights on and off, monitor the cameras and motion detectors as well as turn on or change the heating or air conditioning.

Home Insurance Discounts

Having a home security system in place can qualify you for homeowners insurance discounts. Nobody would mind saving money on insurance, that’s a fact.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

What makes carbon monoxide extremely dangerous is the fact that you cannot see it or smell it. This is where some home security systems come in handy. It alerts you once it detects any carbon monoxide gas in the house.

Reduces your Household’s Energy Use

Smart home security systems allow users to access and control thermostat via web enabled devices. If you forgot to switch off the kitchen lights after leaving the house, there’s no need to worry. You can easily switch the lights off from your mobile or computer.

Someone’s Always Watching When You Aren’t

If you are out of town for business or vacation, someone in the security company can still monitor the house for you. This home security system feature is very beneficial for homeowners who are always busy at work or constantly travelling.

Able to Access Medical Assistance

Home security systems allow individuals to access medical assistance right away by simply pressing a button on the medical alert pendant or pulling a cord.

Once you use the distress signals, emergency vehicles are dispatched to your home immediately.

With all these amazing features, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install a home security system.

Use of Social Media as a News Outlet

There is no denying how digital technology has changed the news and media outlets over the years. Long are the days where renowned media brands would rely on their large audiences to secure revenues from advertisements.

The emergence of an alternative for news through the internet has changed the business models for many news outlets. The growth of social media has also compounded on the growth of online news.

The Millennials

The shift from the traditional use of news such as the newspaper to the modern technological forms has been blamed on the millennials or the younger generation.

The millennials consume news in a much different way from the older generations. They don’t rely on newspapers or news magazines instead; they use social media to receive their news. Use of social media, as news outlet has found out is that it has the potential to penetrate wider audiences. Social media platforms such as Facebook has been used by many outlets to post breaking news, short videos or receive feedback from viewers. Here are some of the ways that millennials consume news through social media.

Integrated Into their Lives

The older generation seems to allocate time to consume news. In most cases, they’ll read a newspaper for a certain amount of time or will spend a fair amount of time listening to lunchtime or evening news. On the other hand, millennials consume news through making it part of their lives. This is primarily due to social media with over 60% of millennials attributing it to their source of media.

Facebook, for example, will run news on its feed that can be viewed in between people post and through such, news outlets can convey news. The magic with social media is the ability to share news post from one person’s feed to another’s. News from Australia will reach an American in seconds through shared or “retweeted” news posts.

The news post will include a little bit of information on the post, and attach a link to it for people to read the full story. The attractive news will increase more traffic for the news outlet, and therefore interesting headlines attract Millennial’s attention faster.

Exposed to Opposing Viewpoints

Traditionally, people have been exposed to news that matches their views. Older generations would spend time reading through stories that collaborate their ideology instead of opposing views. However, with the millennials, their use of social media has exposed them to various viewpoints from different sources. Unlike publications that tend to publish articles that they think people will like, social media news post will have varying points of view.

This creates open-mindedness, and through the use of the internet, millennials can get facts easily and get into discussions armed with facts instead of relying on heresy.

Receive News from Familiar People

Millennials are using social media to receive news from their preferred news source and their friend’s sources. They will prefer to see the news that their friends have picked for them instead of the traditional way where people had to wait for a limited news source.

Social media has changed how news is being transferred and how people perceive it. News outlets with a huge social media presence are more likely to get their news read than upcoming ones. Learning how to integrate news in social media sites is the work of news outlet, to be creative and create newsworthy materials.