Month: February 2019

Why it is appropriate to educate children to read

When we grow up reading books from an early age, we become adult dreamers with the desire to transmit the same passion to their children. The theme of reading to children is always a topic on the agenda, especially among the great supporters of reading. Reading fairy tales to their children, it is not so much an act of education as an intimate ritual between parents and children, which most often ends up falling asleep together.

Thus arrives that magical moment at the end of the day, when sitting on a chair next to the small bed with the soft light, the children fantasize about the words read by the adults. A ritual to which one would like to never give an end but that if nothing else, guides the children to become self-conscious and independent readers. And if you think this is something of little importance,

Reading with your children helps to develop an intimate and indissoluble relationship destined to last over time. The very fact of sitting down nestled to your children with a book creates an experience of love that your children will remember forever

Reading stories to children helps them develop the pre-linguistic skills necessary for them to learn to read later in life. From an early age, in fact, they learn by emulating your gestures to bring the mark on a page, how to hold a book, in which direction to turn a page and also in which direction to read. In English, for example, it is from left to right, but in other languages ​​it is different.

Experts say children need to hear between 3,000 and 5,000 words before starting school. Reading to your children exposes them to a variety of different words. Words that may not be heard in everyday conversation.

Reading fairy tales or fairy tales to your children can be a quiet routine before going to sleep. In fact, all the children go through phases in which they struggle to be able to fall asleep. Reading a book, or even more, before going to bed can be a way to relax and prepare it for sleep.