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A Greek-Era Ancient Tomb Discovered in Egypt with Mummified Animals and Two Bodies

A group of grave robbers led to an odd discovery in the ancient town of Akhmim. They discovered a grave that is said to date back 2,000 years ago during the Ptolemaic era. The grave believed to be that of TuTu and T-Cheret Isis (his wife) is said to have consisted of mummified animals and other items. It is interesting that everything in that tomb including the bodies and the walls is in perfect condition considering that it has been ages.

What was found in the Tomb?

Besides the two bodies of the noble, there are several other things that were discovered in the tomb. About 50 mummified animals that included mice; falcons, cats, ibex, eagles were found in the tomb as they surrounded the two bodies. Other items that are being examined by archeologists after the discovery include funeral procession detailed paintings.

Robbers Trying to Dig

Due to the archeological importance of these areas, robbers try to dig up the graves to take what they can make money from. The final resting places of nobles are known to hold various valuable items. Thanks to these robbers that this discovery was made. If this did not happen, maybe this treasure could have never been discovered.

Inside the Tomb

This is not your usual tomb. It is unique in all aspects as it consists of underground rooms that are in good condition despite it being there for centuries. While getting into the tomb, once can see Tutu receiving the god Anubis which is then received by his wife. Right in front of the god Osiris, there is a trial scene. Besides these decorations, other things that make the tomb remarkable are the bright colors inside and the engravings.

The inscriptions in the interior of the grave is what helped in identifying who the grave is for. Their names and those of their parents are inscribed on the walls. There is also a winged sun disk.

This weird discovery is the seventh one to be discovered in the last few months in the area and there could be more. This has made Sohag a very rich city historically. Currently, archeologists are looking into the items found according to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. This is a unique and thrilling discovery for archeologists and scientists at large and is a big milestone in their research.