Tag: Effects of Obesity?

The Rise of Obesity Cases Are Surprisingly on the Rise

Across the globe, some of the kids and adults are struggling with obesity. Once associated with wealth, this is an epidemic that is rising at worrying levels. It has become a major concern not only to those affected but also to the World Health Organization.

What is Obesity?

To some, an obese person is one who seems to have more weight than they should be having. Accumulating more fats in the body is dangerous and is also termed as obesity. On the other hand, having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of more than 30 is considered as obesity. BMI is when the height, sex, and body weight are considered. A healthy BMI should be from 18.5 to 24.9.

Why is Obesity on the Rise?

In every day, there is a number of calories that our bodies burn. If your body takes in more than it consumes, it is highly likely that you will become overweight. Your body will have more fats than it requires.

Eating foods that are poor in nutrients especially carbonated drinks and junk foods as well as having low physical activities contribute greatly to obesity in the modern world. It is recommended that people embrace healthy foods and exercise their bodies on a daily basis.

What Are the Effects of Obesity?

Obesity can have extensive health issues on your body and this is the reason it should be controlled. It causes type 2 diabetes, it enhances blood pressure, can lead to heart diseases, respiratory disorders, joint, and bone damage as well as leakage of intestinal secretions into your esophagus. Once one has obesity, they become vulnerable to serious illnesses.

Ways that you Can Avoid Obesity

As the numbers of obese people in the world remain high, it’s not a challenge to maintain a healthy weight. There are several ways that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Increase your physical activities and even have a workout routine
  • Improve your eating habits by embracing healthy eating. Foods should include fruits, whole grains, and vegetables
  • Avoid junk foods by all means

Improving eating habits is a great way to avoid obesity in kids and adults. Even when tempted to snack on junk foods avoid it and instead opt for healthy snacks such as nuts and fruits. Avoiding processed foods and working out will help you fight obesity. As a parent who wants to protect their kids from this condition, feed them healthy meals as soon as they start eating.