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Interesting News on Baby Tracker Apps

Before going out to buy a baby tracking app, you must read about baby tracking app reviews for you to get an in-depth idea about the application and what it has for you.

What is baby tracking app?

This is a medical based app that will assist in all situations of the kid’s health.  Some of its work includes tracking on bottle feeds, time to change diapers, breasting feeding time, the sleeping pattern of your kid with all growing trends.  In case your kid is not feeling well, the app will notify you through your phone. This is a good app for all new parents, who may be forgetful about giving medicine to their kids.

The last and the important fact concerning this app is to look at the growth conditions of your kid and notify you of it. The good thing about this app is that you will get daily articles about child raising tips from their current partner Baby 411™. This way, you will get all the tips and answers you need to many of your questions about parenting.

Features of Baby Tracker App

As mentioned early, this app many features that are good for new parents. Below are some of them.

Photo uploading ability

Baby Tracker App is unique in its own way. In fact, it is the only app which is used and can note the most amazing baby body postures and take a photo. After that, it will upload this photo to you.  That way, you will know in case your kid is okay or unwell.

CDC baby development checking

Baby glow app is responsible for checking off highlights of the baby development life cycle. It is designed in such a way that, it follows the standards authorized by the famous CDC.

Ability to communicate with other new mothers

With this app, you possess that ability to connect with other mothers and chat about any conditions of your kid. In case your babe is sick and you need help, you can talk with different parents and get a homemade solution before taking the kid to the hospital.


Access to Baby 411™

The best thing about this app is you will get every day articles on different parenting tips. For instance, you will get some articles on how to feed your kid and different foods need at each milestone.

Ability to support two babies at once

If you happen to have twins, this app monitors them all and gives you updates about them at any time of the day as you like. This gives you an advantage if you are running a daycare unit where you have few babies in it.

It has Apple CareKit

This is a kit that helps you in troubleshooting your app if it has any problems.

In addition to the above features, this Baby Tracker App has many essential tools that come with it. Each tool has its advantages and reasons why it is integrated into the app.  Below are some tools that you will find in the app.


This is used to notify you on the right time to feed and change the diapers of your child. This timer is easy to control all the activities using special notifications.

Baby condition summary PDF

The summary contains all events that were done by the sweetheart for the whole week. By the use of this tool, you can track the amount of food eaten by your child and even the other time you can see your doctors.


The good thing about this app is that you have different payments which range from monthly, yearly and the lifetime usage. The entire amount you pay is subtracted from your iTunes account.