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The Houthi Militants Claim Responsibility for The Drone Attack That Injured 9

In the last two months, there have been more than three attacks in Abha International Airport that is located in Southwestern Saudi Arabia. According to the latest news is that these are terror attacks conducted by Houthi militia who are shifting their attacks on civilians. In the latest attack which happened on Tuesday, nine people are said to have been injured and include one Indian National and eight Saudis. 

Houthi Claimed Responsibility

The Houthi militia that has been targeting civilians and raising tension in the country claimed responsibility for the recent drone attack. The targeting of the airport is something that is easily raising tensions especially to international travelers and airlines which is something that will jeopardize the operations of the airport and the economy of the country at large. 

Attacks on Airports

As the Houthi’s continue to attack innocent civilians, they are shifting focus to mass civilian attacks. They declared drone and missile attacks on warplanes at this particular airport. Prior to the attack on Tuesday, it had targeted the arrivals hall of the Abha International Airport whereby 26 people were injured during the mid-June attack on the airport. This prompted the Saudi ruling coalition to issue a stern warning to the militants. In another attack the same month, 21 civilians were reported to have been injured while one Syrian was killed.

Iran Involved in the Attacks

Turki al-Malki, spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition stated that the Iranian regime is a major supporter of the Houthi militants. Iran is involved as it has been supplying weapons to the Houthi militants and especially in Yemen. The conflict that has been going on for years has seen thousands of people killed while others are displaced and economy jeopardized.

The United States Condemn the Attack

Speaking about the recent attack, the United States issued a statement condemning the attack since besides helping the militants attack innocent civilians, it recently shot a drone in international waters. The statement also said that Donald Trump’s government will support Saudi Arabia in all efforts to protect its international borders calling for an immediate end to the rising attacks.

The Houthi rebels have caused numerous damage and deaths since it started its attacks. Back in the year 2014, it forced the then President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi –led government out of power. This is after it took over important areas of the country including the capital city.